Conversations Among Us

Just got back from taking the kids to McDonald’s. Somehow, on the ride there, my youngest son and I got into a very interesting conversation. By the time we hit the highway, which takes a minute or less, probably less, we were discussing the possibilities of whether or not Jesus could have or did have a child. I will tell you, he was firm in his stand that Jesus did not. I explained to him that this idea, as well as other ideas some could or do come up with derive from either their interpretation of the Bible or their religions interpretation. He then goes into a “histrionics” of Jesus’ walk “with the Jews”. I kind of smiled, because the story he was telling was in fact correct, however, he was telling it from a “Jewish faith perception” so I explained to him how Christians and Jews differ in their beliefs of Jesus’ rise to life. The conversation takes different twists and turns. I asked him, have you ever heard a song, had the words down pat, the song broke down in your head as to what you think the singer or song writer was trying to say….he said yes, I asked, then did you see the video and was like…What? That has absolutely NOTHING to do with what this song is about? He started laughing and said Yea. I said, its like that with the Bible, if we read it and try to “break” it down by ourselves, we will interpret how we think we “see” what the author of that particular part we are reading is saying. Which is why when we are trying to learn the Bible we seek out Bible Studies or Groups to help us better understand what was actually being told and how we apply it to our lives. That made sense to him since “way back then they liked to talk in parables”. ( I’m thinking I might have to look that one up) I was told years ago by many different Christians, a pastor included, (because I was determined at that time that I would find the answer to this question I had), that I was either “way over thinking things” or I was trying too hard to find answers to a question that in the “whole” of it all, is insignificant. Which, to me at the time, it was highly significant. Yet no one knew the answer. Now, after having this discussion with my son, it hits me, I had sought out the answer for the wrong reason. Its obvious what the answer is, as obvious as it was to me way back then, so it wasn’t the answer I was actually seeking, it was the admission by someone else that THAT was the answer, and by someone admitting this, it actually….at that time in my life…..showed to me a contradiction of what I thought my faith was based on. ( I know, I completely just danced around an entire subject) the point of that was…..obviously at that time, I wasn’t completely dedicated in faith or in my walk with God….I see that now…..and Thank you Lord for such an amazing son, because a talk between Mother and son, shined a light in my heart showing me the difference of who I really was back then in my “faith” and where I am beginning my walk with God today. Its amazing how when you ask God to to hold your hand and lead you to the path and on the journey you were meant for, how he chooses to light the way! I am blessed and so thankful to Our God in Heaven!

This conversation with my youngest son took place on or about January 20, 2012.

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