My blog represents me. The way I see things. The way I feel things. Me and my life wrapped up in words.
I am a Wife, a Mother, Daughter, sister, aunt, grand-daughter, niece, friend. Some days it feels like I am super human  other days I feel I’m on the brink of complete madness capped with some sort of psycho failure.
I am not monetarily rich. Do not take extravagant vacations or purchase $100 hamburger. I shop goodwill and can’t remember our last vacation right now.
Yet in all my normalcy, I swear some days spiral out of control like that bald guy from the 70’s is gonna jump out and say ” Your on Hidden Camera!”
I’m not a professional writer, come to think of it, I am not professional anything. I write my blogs to share with whoever dares to read them my experiences, thoughts,feelings,ideas and so on.
If in reading you laugh, cry, feel inspired or possibly even think I am a complete fool, please share my blog with someone else. Please click on the “follow” button, and the “like” button and subscribe to my blog as well as leave me a comment, I would REALLY appreciate all or any of the above mentioned! Thank you so much!

I’m not sure any life lessons will be passed along here. I am not an expert on anything. Some days I have a lot to say, others, nothing at all. And mostly, I am just random! you never really know what you will find me writing about!

I’m Jules, and this is the way I see things……..us

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