Just To Let You Know

I’ve been quiet for a while. Had a lot of different things going on. So much I want to tell you. I need to start recording all my thoughts when they come to me, but I hate the sound of my own voice. It’s so winey. But I get all these great ideas and then I forget them.

Anyway, I guess this is sort of a warning. We are leaving for vacation tomorrow, to the beach!!! WooHoo! It’s a short vacation and I’m sure I’m not going to want to leave come early Friday morning, but it’s better then nothing.

So, the warning: I’m hoping to do nothing but sit on the beach and read and write.

Sneak peaks: I’ve started seeing a naturopath, whipping my health into shape. I’ve never flown on an airplane….. until tomorrow, hope I live to write about it. Had some personal things go on, probably won’t bore you with it; family drama and learning not only did I not belong but it’s probably I wasn’t truly welcomed by a few. Still on the search for being able to travel, travel, travel and get paid to do it; which means it will never happen – I have horrible luck.

Stay happy!!

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