No More Mr. Nice Repair Guy!

Well, the washing machine repair kid showed up yesterday! Yes, I said kid, and no it was not the same repair man who has been our washing machines care provider for the past 2 years. Something tells me he begged and pleaded, then ended up having to trade in some of his vacation time to NOT have to come to the aid of our washing machine.

Here, I must tell you, upon his arrival, we already knew what was wrong with it. Sunday night, Scott took the front cover off to drain and clean out the drain trap thingy. I am telling you it looked like a bomb went off in there. Scott, bless his heart, goes into this long drawn out explanation which had something to do with bearings. And I will be straight out honest, I really didn’t care. The thing is a piece of shit, it has been a piece of shit since we bought it, and that is really all I need to know! Since, I am being honest, I was in the middle of TRYING NOT to burn dinner, which I was about half successful with, as well as attempting to watch the football game in hopes of Tebow getting his ass handed to him! So, when Scott comes to me with a pan of water to ask if I see all the little metal bearing shavings, I just nod my head and curse at myself for having let my roast in the oven get all dried up. Now to me, what I saw in the bottom of that pan, all be it I only glanced for a half of a milli- second, but it appeared to me to be coal dust. ( which I will try not to get on that rant at this moment) I mean, what do I know or what do I WANT to know about bearings? NOTHING! ZIP! ZILCH! On into supper and even well after supper the washing machine discussion continues. Which goes from bearings to front loaders to balancing the load to my thoughts on front loaders in general and my opinion of what the repair and warranty company will and won’t cover, based on our over all in general lack of good luck all the way around. Scott was amazed that due to what he seen had happened within the inter-makings of  the washing machine that the thing didn’t freeze up and lock up. I said IT DID! And I called them, the woman told me to unplug it for 60 seconds, which I did, she then told me to plug it back in, which I did, and SHAZAM! The washing machine came back on, unlocked! I just stood there and looked at that like, well I’ll be damned who’d a thought! And then went back about my laundry duties!

Now comes the repair kid. I take him to the washing machine, go thru pretty much all of the above, minus a few things. He then goes into this long drawn out explanation using technically correct words, or phrases, that I have never heard before in my life, about the bearings failing ( which all that means is whatever in the heck bearings are, fell out of where they are suppose to be) which when that happened it cracked the tub, not drum to which I referred to it as and he quickly corrected me, which then threw the whole tub out of balance which then busted the balancing arm thingy (which is not the technical term, and which looks nothing like what you would picture anything that has the word arm in it to look like). Apparently, I am one who’s facial expressions pretty much says it all. Because after his technical break down. He says ” o.k., here let me show you” so on his little micro computer thing, he pulls up an illustration, ( see I can use technical terms) of this exact make of washing machine and how each part fits together. LIKE I REALLY CARE!!!???? Again, it’s a piece of shit, it has been a piece of shit, we all know that, now what in the hell is someone going to do about it? That’s all I need to know, cause I have laundry stacking up to the ceiling!!!!!! Once he has finished with his technical break down, I say to him ” I bet 90% of your washing machine repair calls are on front loaders” to which he replies in a very serious manner, ” Actually, all of our washing machine repair calls are on front loaders, 90% would be on this particular make of Whirlpools front loaders” HMPF! Take that he thinks, so I retreat to my couch and turn on Tabetha Takes Over on Bravo!!!!! Snot nosed little kid using technical terms putting me in my place for having bought a cheap ass front loader!!!!!

He takes the thing apart, apparently just to justify that what all I explained to him, along with Scotts input when he came in, as well as what he had explained to each of us, was in fact what had happened. According to him, on that 90% of repair calls to this particular make or model or both of Whirlpools front loaders more then 50% is the bearings failing. Let me tell you, there is something a whole lot more then “failing” going on when whatever the heck a bearing is can completely destroy a plastic TUB  and concrete balancing arm thingy! Well, his and Scotts assumption of what had happened was indeed verified. After putting all the parts back together, which seemed completely pointless to me, and calling whoever it was that has to approve or disapprove everything, this kid comes to me and says ” they have deemed your washer uneconomically repairable due to the severe damage caused by a failed bearing” ( mossy those are actually his exact words, cause he read it right off the paper he gave me!) I am suppose to call them today so someone can offer me a replacement deal. Which probably means I am going to get screwed, so I figure I might as well go ahead and ask if they have any 1972 olive green or harvest gold top loaders available while I got them in the mood to wheel and deal an offer!

And let me tell you I am sooooooooo glad we could NOT afford the front loader STEAM washing machine! Picture THAT! Not only would we now have miniaturized doll clothes in our closet but poor Christian would be on standby at the fire department ALL the time!

Oh, and in case you don’t already know, Tebow did NOT get his ass handed to him….in overtime with the first possession, Tebow handed the Steelers their asses. And in the midst of all the washing machine discussions, I did not find out who plays the damn cheese heads this weekend, but whoever it is, I will be rooting for them in hopes they hand Rodgers his ass!

August 2, 2017

This is a very old post, but the whole washer ordeal continues to haunt me. Since this washing machine left my torturous clutch, so have two more washers. I am now on the very last MODERN washing machine my husband will ever pay money for. I am just not sure why I continue to torture poor washing machines. I suppose it is much the same as I continue to burn food beyond recognition. Well, that is until I got this new stove that I can actually set to turn off when time is up. PLUS it signs to me until I take the food out! But, that is a whole different Julie issue.

Enjoy Today my friends!

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