Was it the end, or the Beginning?

honestly, I had forgotten all about having a blog. Something hit me the other day I needed to begin again.
It appears its been a year since I posted. Which seems fitting since life has completely changed in that time period.
Looking back on the events that took place in the last 365 days, I really should have been keeping a detailed blog of things.
First, the biggest thing at that time that took place seemed like the downward spiral to the end. End of what? Well, that I am not too sure. But as I retrace the past year, I might discover the answer to that myself.
Second, I believe I’ll find in my re~journey things actually led to a new beginning. A beginning I think I was afraid of. One I fought so hard against for nearly all my life.
I hope you follow my journey and take some meaning from it.
Until tomorrow, goodnight and may God bless you!

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