Tortured by the Mortgage Company!

Finally, after two long grueling months, we closed on our first, and hopefully last, home.

I had just about come to the end of my rope! Buying a house these days is nothing like what it was 20 years ago. I can remember, barely, when my first husband and I bought the house he now has. We walked into the bank, filled out some papers, signed and bam! we owned a house. That is far from what it is like today. Unless, I suppose you have the kind of money to go out and just open your wallet and purchase the house out right.

Apparently, there are a lot of crooked people in the world today. These crooked people have learned how to cheat all kinds of systems to obtain money. I have no idea HOW one could cheat the mortgage industry out of money. Seems to me both the buyer and seller would have to be in on it. I don’t know. But, because of this, the hard-working people out there that have saved and saved for a down payment; worked hard on getting their credit up to par and keeping it there, these are the people who now get tortured by the mortgage companies, banks, lenders, whatever.

Our mortgage broker warned us, but as usual, I thought I knew more than he did. A month into the whole process, I was boiling over with anger and frustration. I thought to myself, are you so unorganized that I really have to send you the same damn document for the 4th damn time? *i think i actually said that to him* To which he tells me, it isn’t him, but the bank that is requesting this document again. Why? Why do they need the same document 4 different times? Do they NOT have a copier somewhere in their building? Would you like me to send them 4 more copies just in case?

Then, anytime money was ADDED to our account, we had to provide proof that the money was NOT borrowed or stolen, that it was in fact our money from a verifiably legitimate source. WHAT? Who cares where the damn money came from as long as you have enough to cover all the outrageously high fees and crap they tack on at the closing. *which i really can’t complain there, our closing cost was only $29.99-i know right? craziness of its own kind!*

Me, I am scared to death of getting arrested for anything, so I am good law-abiding citizen of the great United States. I work outside the home, so does my husband. We try to live within our means, yet still spoil each other and our kids from time to time. So I really just do not understand the crooks of the world. GET A FUCKING JOB! It sucks, trust me I know……I’d rather be sitting on a beautiful island beach in my bikini with a pretty mixed drink in my hand. But, instead, I am at a desk in Southwestern Indiana on an extremely dreary drizzly day. That’s how it is. Everyone has to work. Well, there are a few fortunate snobs who have inherited money, but otherwise the Bill Gates’ of the world, guess what? They worked their asses off to build the empires they have. * makes me wonder if i have a really old and wealthy great great uncle out there who plans on leaving me his billions…….doubtful*

Sorry, I think I got off course and rambling there. It is just the whole damn thing really infuriated me.

Our realtor told me, she just finished a purchase where it took the couple 6 months to close. Now, I would have been certifiable if we had had to wait 6 months.

But, all is good now. We closed last night. So, after all is said and done…we now own our own home.

What a relief!

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