Patokadelphia Retirement Club

This is my first blog post, so bare with me; as if anyone would actually read this!

The Patokadelphia Retirement Club really started out as a joke between Stacy and I. We were on the phone one day talking about how when we were old we would sit on her porch on Main Street Patoka, Indiana, dressed in our purple pants, red shirt, yellow socks and pink feathered hats and throw tennis balls at all the kids that passed by her house. Of course, we added a whole lot more to the story, we were rolling in tears by the time the conversation was done. A day or two, heck maybe even a week later, there was something Stacy wanted to tell our “group” of friends that she didn’t want anyone else to see as a post on Facebook. So, she created a group page called The Patokadelphia Retirement Community (or club), also known as, the PRC. On this page we could gossip, bitch whatever we wanted back and forth to each other. And from there we have become an unofficial “official” club.

Our “original members” are a group of us “girls” that grew up together in the small Southern Indiana farming town of Patoka. We also refer to this little ol town as the “Devil City”, because it’s zip code ends with “666”, no joke. Stacy, as I mentioned lives now, as well as most of her young life on Main Street. Me, Julie, I grew up on the “other” side of the tracks, and that is literally, on Spring Street. Denise, well she also hails from my side of town, and also the same street. Then, we have Amy, she was from the same sad part of town as Denise and I, only a block over, and it beats me what on earth the name of that street is and was! Oh, and I can’t forget Jessica GB, we have no idea where she grew up, because she came to Patoka much later, and her parents, which she still lives with at a rip ol age of 30~something, live way on the OTHER side of the highway. She, likes to refer to her “side” as the upper side, but she is only fooling herself! Next, we have Jessica S and Chloe. These two were “adopted” into the group because they “belong” to Stacy and I, respectfully, and as old geezers, we will need the younger ones to take care of us.

At some point and time Kathy G was adopted in, Stacy nominated her and I seconded it, and as originating founders, we brought her aboard. She is probably sorry we did this to her! Now that I think about it, Kathy has NOT been initiated in!

Then came Carri U. Oh Carri U!!!!!! We had to bring her in, cause not only is she as crazy as us, she has an awesome pool that we LOVE to crash during the summer!!!!!!

And our newest memeber, Brandy B. Now this is one for the books. It shows how crazy and diverse we “girls” are. Brandy is the wife of Stacys second ex-husband. (he was your second right) I think it was me that said we had to bring her in. She sat in on one of our “secret” hill sittings, once you do that, you are in, wether you like it or not. At this point, she has probably decided she doesn’t like it, but that is too bad for her! You can NOT escape the PRC!

So, that is the basic run down on the “who” the “how” and the “why” of the PRC. Although, I am sure one if not all of the “girls” will have something to add to all of this! Which, I welcome with an open keyboard!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Patokadelphia Retirement Club

  1. i just read this amazing history of the PRC. i feel so blessed that i have been invited into this club. i have never had any close girl friendships, so this still feels a little weird to me. i would not however ever wanna let this group of amazing women out of my life. i am so thankful they have included me, even though i do still feel like an outsider. i guess its probably because they are all sooo much older than me. dont get mad ladies i will be your age one of these days. wow i just thought of something. stacy you and tom have something in common, you both picked a younger woman. ohhh yeah i just said that LMAO. ok sorry i couldnt help it. now seriously, I LOVE YOU LADIES thank you for accepting me. i promise to NEVER let things get boring and i promise to make you laugh every day.


    1. We are such a crazy group of woman. But, I think we all came together for a reason. I love our outings and “get-to-gethers” It is great to just be able to let go and have fun and not care who is watching! it’s almost like being a kid again!


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